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Why use pillow protector?

Unprotected pillow will be prone to yellowing and odours caused by natural perspiration and oils. A protector will significantly extend their lifespan while protecting against dust mites. Remember, you basically never wash your mattress or pillows, that's why you need to keep them clean.


Benefits of Using a Pillow Protector:
  • Protects your pillow from moisture, which your body loses during sleep

  • Using a protector extends the life of your pillow and will help to reduce wear and tear

  • Unprotected pillow are a potential breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites

  • A protector is much easier to launder than a mattress or pillow


Care instructions

Recommended machine cold wash, with a gentle cycle. Wash dark color separately and you may use bleach. Use a mild, Eco-friendly detergent.



48 cm x 74cm