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Verda Balance 

A unique mattress "premium" class for the best body support. Regardless of your individual features of the mattress will provide all necessary conditions for good rest. A unique support system helps relax the spine, as well as - compensates for the difference in weight of partners. Your sleep will be the strong and serene night. At the core of the mattress, the unit is independent springs, as it is composed of natural rubber latex and horsehair - natural filters of the highest quality. 
All models are available mattresses Verda 4 colors cover, each of which has a unique pattern. 
For such a high and beautiful mattress can be difficult to find a suitable bed. We made sure to design your bedroom look flawless, and offer you a specially developed Verda sleeping system.

The composition of the layers:

  • Natural latex (30 mm)
  • Horse hair (30 mm)
  • Independent spring block Double Spring (Spring 1000 / sleeper)
  • Natural latex (30 mm)
  • Horse hair (30 mm)
  • Box of selective foam
Max. weight per 1 side 170 kg
Permissible difference in weight 80kg
Stiffness of first part Medium
Rigidity of the second  part Medium
Natural ingredients High
Height 36 cm
Lifetime  30 years
Guarantee 30 years

 Table weights of standard sizes of mattresses

Size(width X length)cm Weight
200 X 80 32 kg
120 X 200 51 kg
140 X 200 56 kg
160 X 200 61 kg
180 X 200 70 kg
200 X 200 78 kg